The Revolutionary Physician-developed Masterclass for Proven Asthma Control and Medicine Reduction

  • Enjoy asthma-free days for life
  • Eliminate or reduce medicine use
  • Easily integrates with your lifestyle
  • Comfortable, safe and non-invasive,
  • 10x cheaper than long term conventional treatment
Professional Affiliations:

Professional Affiliations:

The online masterclass that enables you to control your asthma and resolve asthma-related problems without medicine:

Unlocks your ability to stop and prevent asthma attacks

Have the ability to stop asthma attacks within a few minutes by using a proven technique without the need for medicines.

Stops allergic rhinits

Wake up with a clear nose everyday!

Lets you overcome exercise-induced asthma

Master the technique that will allow you to exercise without having shortness of breath or an asthma attack.

Lets you stop worrying about asthma triggers

Enjoy your pets, your garden, and all the other things you miss just as if you had no asthma.

Helps with hyperacidity and GERD

Be able to enjoy coffee and other food without worrying about hyperacidity and GERD.

Enjoy deeper uninterrupted sleep

If you think your sleep is currently good, you should experience the deep sleep that Beat Asthma will bring you.  Try it and you will know what you have been missing.

How it works:


Beat Asthma teaches you to increase and utilize your body’s natural bronchodilators. These substances keep your airways open, something asthma sufferers lack. By mastering the techniques in this program, you can achieve an asthma-free life without relying on medication.


Are you tired of being reliant on medication to control your asthma?

Introducing Beat Asthma, the revolutionary online masterclass that gives you proven asthma control and proven medicine reduction.

Beat Asthma introduces you to the world-renowned Buteyko Method. Beat Asthma was developed by Dr. Charles Edward Florendo, the healing Breath Specialist and Medical Adviser to the Buteyko Clinics International.

Enjoy asthma-free days for life

Enjoy sports and doing the things you love without worrying about having an asthma attack or having enough inhalers.

Eliminate or reduce medicine use

99% of students who take up this masterclass are able to stop all asthma medications within 3 weeks of starting the program.

Eliminate or reduce doctor and emergency room visits

Proven control means not having to frequently return to your doctor or be rushed to the emergency room due to asthma.  

Reduce your side effects

Asthma medicines have side effects such as palpitations, numb fingers, and dry mouth.  By reducing your medicine use, you also reduce their side effects.

Save thousands of pesos

Beat Asthma offers long term control of asthma while reducing your need for medicines.  This translates to thousands of pesos worth of savings and is 10x cheaper than conventional treatment over 10 years.


Clinically Proven

Clinical trials on the Beat Asthma methodology have consistently proven better asthma control and reduced medicine use.


 Beat Asthma does not involve using expensive equipment or undergoing surgery.

Portable and Convenient

Take up the masterclass anywhere there is internet, and eaily apply the techniques wherevery you are.

Easily Integrates to You Lifestyle

Beat Asthma is a  user-friendly solution that you can integrate into your daily routines.


Beat Asthma is more than 10x cheaper than long-term conventional medical treatment.


Take the program at your own pace and personalize it according to your needs and preferences.

Why choose Beat Asthma?

Conventional Therapy


All Natural


No need to keep buying from pharmacy

Can become a permanent solution

No side effects

Able to resolve other health problems

Scientifically proven with clinical trials


Concise, Easy to follow video lessons

Easy to use tools, both downloadable and fully online versions available

Email & Chat support

Monthly Online group zoom classes

One-on-One Zoom lessons

Personalized follow-up and coaching

Snore No More Kit

*Contents vary based on your package

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take up the Beat Asthma masterclass?

Beat Asthma is suitable for both men and women 18 years old and above. Even elderly individuals can learn and apply its techniques. Children 6 years old and above may also learn it through our kid's program.

What health conditions is Beat Asthma contraindicated?

You should not take up Beat Asthma if you are pregnant or suffer from a psychiatric illness. Likewise, you should not take up Beat Asthma if you are advised by your doctor or healthcare professional not to use it.

Is this masterclass online or face-to-face?

This is an online mastercless. We can also arrange for face-to-face classes.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with Beat Asthma?

Based on clinical trials, there are no risks or side effects associated with Beat Asthma.

How long does the Beat Asthma masterclass last?

Since you will be learning at your own pace, you can set how long and how often you would like to practice the Beat Asthma principles

Will Beat Asthma completely cure my asthma?

Beat Asthma has been demonstrated to reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of asthma.

Can I discontinue using my asthma inhalers if I practice Beat Asthma?

Although we recommenf that you consult your doctore regarding reducing medicine use, 99% of students who take up Beat Asthma are able to discontinue their asthma inhaler use.

How does the cost of Beat Asthma compare to conventional asthma treatment?

Beat Asthma is significantly cheaper in the long run than using conventional asthma treatment. Practicing Beat Asthma is 10x cheaper than using a conventional treatment over 10 years..

What other conditions can Beat Asthma help me with?

Beat Asthma can also help you with allergic rhinitis, hyperacidity, and sleep disorders.

Are there any specific lifestyle changes I need to make during the Beat Asthma program?

Yes, Beat Asthma will suggest to you some specific lifestyle changes that can effectively improve your sleep.

Will Beat Asthma interfere with my current medications or treatments?

No, Beat Asthma does not introduce any medications or substances that can interfere with your current medications.

Can this alternative treatment be used for all types and severities of asthma?

Beat asthma can be used on asthma sufferers who are ambulatory and stable. It is not recommended for asthma sufferers who are medically unstable.

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Level 1 Package


  • N3-Month Access
  • NFirst 20 Basic Video Lessons
  • NDownloadable and Online Tools
  • NEmail Support

Complete Program


Group Sessions

Level 2 Package


  • N6-Month Access
  • NMonthly Online Group Classes
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1-on-1 Personal Coaching


Extra Lessons

Level 3 Package

P24,800 /year

  • N1 Year Access
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  • NMonthly Online Group Classes
  • NComplete 36 Video Lessons
  • NAdditional 5 Advanced Techniques
  • NDownloadable and Online Tools
  • NEmail & Chat Support

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