Im Dr. Charles Edward Florendo, and welcome to taking the first step into resolving your sleep apnea. Congratulations on enrolling to this program!

With the proliferation of the internet, you have been seeing a lot of “lifehack” videos that seem to make things much easier. These lifehacks show you that you have a lot of hidden solutions around you that you don’t notice or think of. One reason why you don’t notice them is that you have framed your mind to a particular belief system. Things or even facts that don’t regularly fit into this belief system can easily be ignored.

One such story that I give in this introduction is about the famous scientist Galileo. Most people at his time believed that the sun and moon revolve around the planet earth. This makes perfect sense since we can see the sun and moon’s positions constantly change. Then Galileo proposed that it was the Earth that revolved around the sun, people ignored his idea and even had him jailed.

So just like Galileo, I am here to tell you that you have tremendous power within you to change aspects of your health starting with the way that you breathe. In this program, we will be challenging the popular belief of deep breathing and you will harness that amazing power to change once you realize this.

So without further ado, Here is the introduction to the Snore No More program. Enjoy!

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