Side Effects of Asthma Medicines: 5 Tips

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Are you part of the multitudes of people around the world who depend on asthma drugs for managing their condition? Though these medicines are vital in controlling your asthma symptoms, they can bring about unwanted side effects. Learn more about overcoming 5 common side effects of asthma medicines in this article.

medicine drug side effects

Nausea and Annoyed Tummy – One common side effect of asthma medications is nausea and upset stomach. Trying to take your medication with food or a glass of water may help ease this. Also, if the nausea continues, consult your healthcare professional about other drug options or ways to solve it. The amazing thing is that there are natural techniques you can apply to address nausea and remove symptoms of GERD, hyperacidity, or upset stomach.

nausea, GERD, hyperacidity, a common side effect of asthma medication

Headaches – Another common side effect of asthma medications is headaches. You should consider hydration and taking a break, especially if this happens a lot after after you take your medicine. Neck and back massages are also quite good in relieving this type of headache.

a common side effect of asthma medication

Dry Mouth – Many types of asthma medications cause dry mouth as a side effect. You can address this problem by drinking lots of water throughout the day and using sugar-free lozenges or gum that will increase saliva production. However, there is a small secret that doctors don’t tell you. This secret is to keep your mouth closed. Most people who suffer from asthma tend to breathe through the mouth, which dries up the mouth. By employing techniques to keep your mouth closed, you won’t dry up your mouth anymore.

a common side effect of asthma medication, dry mouth

Tremors or Shakiness – Some asthma drugs have been known to result into tremors or shakiness which is quite disturbing. Controlling your breathing through the technique taught by the BEAT ASTHMA masterclass can help you greatly in limiting this side effect. Also, if there is a particular drug that you think causes tremor or shakiness, ask your doctor to change it to something else.

Tremors side effect

Depression – Perhaps one of the most serious of these side effects is depression. One particular drug called Montelukast is currently suspected by many users as one of the causes of their depression. If you are taking this drug and experience depression, ask your doctor if he can give you an alternative. Likewise, you can reduce the need for this drug by applying techniques that can bring down your histamine levels naturally.

depression, side effect

Reducing your medicine use:

Of course,if you can reduce your medicine use, you can reduce all of these side effects. One of the proven ways to reduce your medicine use is to apply the techniques taught in the BEAT ASTHMA masterclass.

The BEAT ASTHMA masterclass is the physician-developed masterclass for proven asthma control and medicine reduction. BEAT ASTHMA also addresses the problems brought about by hyperventilation, hyperacidity, and allergies which contribute to these side effect symptoms. BEAT ASTHMA teaches you the techniques to address your nausea, upset tummy, headache, dry mouth, tremors, and even depression. If you would like to learn more about how BEAT ASTHMA works, you can watch this link:

So what do you think about overcoming 5 common side effects of asthma medicines? I would love to hear from you.

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