How a 5 Minute Breathing Program Saved My Life

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5 minutes

Living with asthma can be challenging, especially when unexpected attacks strike. I have navigated through numerous episodes of breathlessness and discomfort, seeking relief from my symptoms. Little did I know that the solution to my chronic struggle was just a few minutes away. Today, I want to share my personal experience with the Buteyko Method, a simple 5-minute breathing program that ultimately saved my life.

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For years, I battled with asthma attacks, relying heavily on inhalers and medications to alleviate my symptoms. Sadly, I often found myself helpless and anxious in the face of an imminent attack. The feeling of inability to control my own breath was both frightening and disheartening, but little did I know that a simple change in my breathing technique would hold the key to unimaginable relief.


I stumbled upon the Buteyko Method while reading an article at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The article described an Australian man who teaches it in Manila. I decided to give it a try. I purchased books about the Buteyko Method but failed to learn it through books. So I decided ot enroll in a class conducted by the late Jac Vidgen.


The Buteyko Method revolves around correcting dysfunctional breathing habits that many asthmatics unknowingly develop. Believing that over-breathing, or hyperventilation, contributes to various health issues, this method focuses on retraining our breathing pattern to optimize oxygen intake and carbon dioxide exchange.

Eager to embrace this potential life-changing technique, I embarked on the Buteyko breathing exercises. With just a short five minute practice, I saw remarkable improvements in my breathing and overall health. I decided to regularly do this exercise.

The Buteyko Method primarily involves the practice of controlled, shallow breathing. Here’s a brief breakdown of the exercises that worked wonders for me:

nasal breathing

Nasal Breathing: Consciously breathing through the nose instead of the mouth helps filter air, warm it, and provide optimal moisture for the lungs.

Reduced Breathing: By reducing the volume of each breath without discomfort, we can gradually prevent hyperventilation and increase carbon dioxide levels in the blood. The Buteyko Method is different from other techniques because it emphasizes the reduction of your breath. In fact, it is possible to even speed up your rate of breathing but still reduce your breathing volume.

breath hold

Breath Holds: Briefly holding the breath after an exhale aids in building up tolerance to higher carbon dioxide levels while also reducing the frequency of asthma attacks.

An Astounding Transformation: Within just a few weeks of diligently following the Buteyko breathing exercises, I experienced profound changes in my asthma condition. The frequency, intensity, and duration of my attacks significantly reduced. Even when an attack did occur, I found that implementing the Buteyko Method helped relieve symptoms swiftly. No longer did I feel helpless in the face of asthma; I had regained control of my breathing and my life.

Discovering the Buteyko Method and its simple breathing exercises altered the course of my life living with asthma. The five minutes I dedicate each day to this practice have provided me with immeasurable relief and control over my symptoms. Embracing this drug-free and accessible technique has empowered me to breathe easier, experience less frequent attacks, and regain my sense of self-assurance. If you, too, find yourself yearning for a more natural approach to managing asthma, I strongly encourage you to explore the Buteyko Method. Trust me, it may just save your life too.

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Today, I too have been teaching the Buteyko Method to my patients. Most of my patients have been freed from the need of taking medications. They literally save thousands of pesos every year because of it. Since experiencing the Buteyko Method, I can’t go back to prescribing regular medications to my patients anymore. Do contact me if you would like to control your asthma and save money by reducing your medications too.