Asthma and Chest Pain

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If you were to experience sudden chest pain one day, you could be having muscle strain, a heart attack, or even asthma.

Chest Pain

Asthma rarely comes to mind when we people talk about chest pain, but the truth is as much as 76% of asthma sufferers complain of chest pain.  In fact, for some asthma sufferers, chest pain is the only symptom of their asthma attack.  Chest pain can happen right before or during an asthma attack. This chest pain may be dull or sharp and stabbing pain, with some people even describing it as having a heavy brick sitting on their chest.

I can mention at least 2 possible mechanism that cause the chest pain in asthma.  The first one is costochondritis.  Chostochondritis happens when your chest muscles become extremely tired due to breathing.  Asthma sufferers are known to use their chest muscles a lot for breathing, and so if these get tired, they will surely have chest pain.

Another possible mechanism is through acid reflux.  Acid reflux is very common in asthma.  I haven’t encountered an asthmatic with no acid reflux.  When acid from the stomach pushes itself through the esophagus, it causes this burning sensation on your chest. 

Medical treatment for these 2 causes of chest pain may include pain relievers for your muscles and medicine to neutralize or reduce your stomach acids such as antacids, or proton-pump inhibitors.  With medical treatment however, you may find relief but the symptoms will eventually come back.

If you would like effective long-term relief from these types of chest pain, I recommend that you try out my Beat Asthma Program.

At the Beat Asthma program, you will be able to effectively prevent your chest muscles from tiring out, so you won’t have chest pain from muscle strain.  You will also normalize the acidity levels of your blood, and stomach so that acid reflux will be a thing of the past.  All my patients with hyperacidity and Acid Reflux were able to stop taking their medicines.

Asthma and chest pain can be addressed by the  Beat Asthma masterclass.

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