Why do Asthmatics take steroids, why they are bad for you, and what doctors don’t tell you about them.

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If ever you have asthma, one of the medicines most commonly prescribed to you would be steroids.  Have you ever wondered why you would need to take these and what side effects they may give you?  In this article, let’s learn more about this medicine.

Asthma is characterized by inflammation of your airways.  When your organ becomes inflamed, it turns red, and it swells up.  So if ever your airway becomes inflamed, the skin around the airway will swell up and thus make your airway smaller.  This makes it harder for your to breathe and is what characterizes an asthma attack.

Now, steroids are an amazing class of medicines that reduce inflammation.  Doctors aren’t quite sure yet how they work, but they do know that it reduces inflammation.  Thus for asthma sufferers, steroids are often a go to prescription to help stop or prevent asthma attacks.

Two of the most common inhalers prescription drugs for instance is Salmeterol and Formeterol. These 2 medicines must always be taken with a steroid. The reason for this might actually shock you. You can learn why in this video: https://youtu.be/-AhGuGlwS1k?si=oXBOVCleDoOmHqYs.

Steroid Side Effects:

  1. Weaker immune system

Steroids not only suppress inflammation but they also suppress your immune system.  This means that if you take steroids regularly, you have a higher risk for suffering from infections such as pneumonia and even Covid.

  1. Weight Gain

Steroids are very good in retaining water in your body and increasing your appetite.  So many people with steroids may complain of having undesired weight gain.  The water retention part tends to make a person look “puffy” as well.

  1. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis blocks your body from absorbing Calcium.  This means that your bones and teeth can become more brittle and break easily.  This condition known as “Osteoporosis,” can be deadly in case you fall or meet a minor accident.

  1. Gastric Ulcer

When you digest your food, your stomach can get scratched and have some small abrasions.  Your body easily repairs these abrasions so you don’t feel any problems.  However, steroids impair your stomach’s repair process.  So long term intake of steroids have been known to induce stomach ulcers.

  1. Impaired Growth and Development

Steroids suppress growth hormones which children need for growth and development.  Steroids also block the absorption of vital nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, chromium, zinc, potassium and magnesium.

If you or your loved one is taking steroids for asthma, I would recommend that you take my Beat Asthma Masterclass.

What your doctor doesn’t tell you:

You see, what your doctors don’t tell you, is that your body produces its own natural steroids which don’t have any of the side effects noted here.  Asthmatics, however, produce considerably less of these natural steroids than their non-asthmatic counterparts.  In my Beat Asthma Masterclass, I will teach and give you the confidence to help your body raise up its natural steroid levels so that you wont need to take any more steroids for asthma.

My patients who have taken this masterclass have since been able to stop taking their steroid medicines for the past 10 years with no asthma attacks.